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Intelligent Teamworking

Business social software that combines real-time communication, project management and automated assistant technology.

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Efficient Teams. Better Outcomes.

OpusView will optimize team coordination and working, simplify communication, and provide instant visibility of project costs and risks. With OpusView achieve outstanding results with improved project monitoring and control.

Best Practice. Improved Performance.

Create reusable template components to set up business projects in seconds. With OpusView templates you can align work to leading project methodologies or internal standards, to increase project success.

OpusView at a glance

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    Executives and project leaders easily access real-time performance and status information.

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    Coordinate teams and stakeholders, and align their work purpose to priorities and goals.

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    Full set of productivity tools removing the need to toggle between multiple apps.

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    Break down large initiatives into smaller projects to simplify execution and delivery.

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    Build your own or utilize out-of-the-box templates to rapidly set up projects.

All-in-one solution where social working meets project management
meets real-time communications.

Project Intelligence

  • Virtual assistant delivers understanding faster.
  • No need to search for key information.
  • Intelligence from all your work and projects.

Manage and monitor activities

  • Keep teams coordinated and working optimally.
  • Spot resourcing opportunities to get work done faster.
  • View activity schedules, current status and reminders.

Communication made simple

  • Teams conversations are organized and easily accessible.
  • Real-time messaging and voice calls to share viewpoints and knowledge.
  • Remove communication latency between stakeholders.

Plan and streamline workflows

  • Visualize and share tasks with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Align work activity to goals and strategy.
  • Manage changes and updates to requirements.

Dashboards to view team performance

  • Access in real-time key performance metrics.
  • Know about off plan events through multi-channel notifications.
  • Make effective interventions based on the latest information.

Preserve digital knowledge

  • Teams blogs and wikis to share articles, discussions and documents.
  • Turn successful, proven project patterns into reusable templates.
  • Smart search your digital memory to find information for your next project.

Manage project risks

  • Identify, analyze and create response plans for project risks.
  • Create custom risk events for projects.
  • View risk exposure levels using project heat maps.

Manage project costs

  • View projects costs at individual and team levels.
  • Track history of costs to make sure project budgets are adhered to.
  • Use rate cards to define worker fees at project level.

OpusView incorporates a powerful mix of social working, project management and real-time communications that blend seamlessly to deliver unparalleled result maximizing the return on your teams and business projects.

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