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By IdeasCast, Posted Jul 05, 2018

It’s been sometime since I last blogged but during this lull a lot has happened. Firstly we’ve rebranded our flagship product which is now called OpusView which is pretty cool. But what’s even cooler is the latest set of enhancements that we’ve designed and implemented within our latest release. Far too many to cover here but if you would like to learn more or indeed see them in action then please drop us a line.

So, today as you may have guessed from the title I wish to discuss the movie that launched Tom Cruise’s career….okay, perhaps another time. Today’s blog is on Risk Management and how to achieve this efficiently, effectively and without boring your teams to death!

Managing risks within a project is let’s be honest is as dull as dishwater. Nothing sucks the joy from life faster than an invite to a 3hr Risk Management workshop. Just writing this now I recall many sessions where we seemed to analyze every single conceivable risk, assessing and scoring impact and probability, identifying mitigations to be entered into a log that would never be looked at again until the next session. I think that’s what makes those sessions so tedious, knowing that nothing would ever happen with the information that was gathered, or rarely so.

This is where the process breaks down and why projects suffer from delays. Because the information is difficult to attain and even harder to maintain it becomes outdated, so any decisions being made from it or actions taken are likely to be inadequate as the project environment doesn’t stand still.

At IdeasCast we have looked to address this and have created a Risk Management suite to OpusView that is fully integrated with the project tasks. The program and project dashboards pull through all of the MI you need to see to manage the risks and understand status. With risks being associated with the identified tasks it ensures that the risk is always front and center of those best placed to track and take the appropriate action when required.

It really is that straight-forward and means that along with the other project information risks are visible real-time and therefore dramatically reducing the likelihood of these unexpectantly materializing and creating an issue for the project.

So, if you want to escape those Risk Management workshops once and for all, or if you are responsible for project delivery and struggle to manage risks then contact us here at IdeasCast and arrange a free no-obligation demo of OpusView. No risks, just business.

Martin Shaw, CTO at IdeasCast

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