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Empowering Teamwork

Agile teamworking, for any business


All-in-one solution to improve team productivity, efficiency and effectiveness

Project Intelligence

  • Virtual assistant delivers understanding faster.
  • No need to search for key information.
  • Intelligence from all your work and projects.

Manage and monitor activities

  • Keep teams coordinated and working optimally.
  • Spot resourcing opportunities to get work done faster.
  • View activity schedules, current status and reminders.

Communication made simple

  • Teams conversations are organized and easily accessible.
  • Real-time messaging and voice calls to share viewpoints and knowledge.
  • Remove communication latency between stakeholders.

Plan and streamline workflows

  • Visualize and share tasks with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Align work activity to goals and strategy.
  • Manage changes and updates to requirements.

Dashboards to view team performance

  • Access in real-time key performance metrics.
  • Know about off plan events through multi-channel notifications.
  • Make effective interventions based on the latest information.

Preserve digital knowledge

  • Teams blogs and wikis to share articles, discussions and documents.
  • Turn successful, proven project patterns into reusable templates.
  • Smart search your digital memory to find information for your next project.

OpusView incorporates a powerful mix of social working, project management and real-time communications that blend seamlessly to deliver unparalleled results maximizing the return on your teams and business projects.

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